How You Might Plan For a Great Golf Vacation  

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Sick of the same old golf course? You need to get away. You want a place to relax, have fun and play golf. Well, a Golf Vacation is what the doctor ordered.

What Would You Like To Do?

When you go on your next golf vacation, you could spend the time at a Golf Resort. You can do a lot at a Golf Resort including:

1. Play Golf - The golf resorts feature either a nine-hole or eighteen-hole golf course. The golf course will be different and have new challenges, as compared to your home golf course. As a result, you could include a vacation playing golf all day and every day.

2. Eat - At golf resorts, your guest meals are included. The guest meals include breakfast, lunch, an afternoon snack, dinner and an evening brunch. The lunch and dinner guest meals have an appetizer and dessert. The guest meals vary from traditional to low-calorie and low-salt. With these guest meals, you won't be going hungry.

3. Relax - You could pass the time by picking up a conversation at the bar, or sit by the pool and delight in the sites. You can watch a movie or read a good book. You can unwind at a golf resort.

4. Swim - Every resort has a swimming pool. You can show off your style or take lessons. At a few resorts, you may have the opportunity to swim at a lake or by the ocean. Your vacation can provide you different ways to have fun.

5. Dance - Particularly on weekends, the resorts include dances and entertainment. It's a good way for couples to have fun together.

You can do these activities at most golf resorts.

What Else Would You Like To Do?

Around the country, Golf Resorts present numerous different activities for your golf vacation. They contain:

1. Area Fishing - You may take an area fishing excursion on the ocean to fish for cod and swordfish. You can go area fishing on the oceans, the Gulf of Mexico or on nearby lakes and rivers. Check with your concierge on any area fishing permits that may be required. Area fishing is a good way to relax.

2. Sightseeing - Your Golf Resort may have tours of the local landmarks. Your concierge can arrange a day of shopping at the local mall. You might also go to events like plays or baseball. Your golf vacation may be a distinctive one.

3. Wine Tasting - Many areas feature wineries, where you can tour the facility and taste the wine. Your concierge can schedule these excursions for you.

4. Tours - You can tour landmarks like an old house, factory or fort. Once again, your concierge could schedule these excursions for you.

5. Hike - You might be able to hike around the area. Some trails travel along a river or old road. These trails could also travel along and over mountains. You can have the concierge give you a map of the trails that include:

- locations of any historical sites,

- rest area facilities, and

- places to eat.

Golf Resorts aren't just for golf. You can have a busy fun vacation!

Where Would You Like To Go?

By area, Golf Resorts are located on:

1. The Atlantic Coast,

2. The Rocky Mountains,

3. The Gulf Coast, and

4. The Wine Country.

For the Rocky Mountains, the golf resort could turn into a ski resort during the winter. On the Gulf Coast, it can be very hot and humid during the summer months. Plan your golf vacation accordingly, and you may watch for the weather conditions in your vacation area.

You Can Enjoy A Great Golf Vacation, Too!

Golf Resorts can help you to have the golf vacation that you want. The activities offered contain: golf, area fishing, fine guest meals, good conversation, swimming and dancing. You can have fun, too!

Good Luck with your Golf Vacation.

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