How Young Non Swimmers Can Still Have Fun in the Swimming Pool Without Being Placed in Danger of Drowning  

by Pool Builders on 07-03-2013 in Articles

Sadly, many non swimmers assume that because they canâEUR(TM)t swim they should avoid going into the pool at all costs. Some of this fear comes from their parents being overly protective and projecting the fear of drowning onto them as young children; the rest could be a genuine fear of deep water or simply a fear of the unknown. Of course letting a child, especially a non swimmer, into the pool unsupervised would be dangerous. But in reality, simply because you didnâEUR(TM)t enrol them onto a swimming for babies class as soon as they were old enough, this should not bar them from enjoying being in the water. With proper supervision, for example a competent adult swimmer, they can have just as much fun as their friends that have learned how to swim.

Confidence Building

The secret to learning to swim is all down to confidence. The more confident they are the more comfortable they become in the water and the more likely they are to start swimming without even realising. The main thing to ensure is that the child never strays into water that is too deep for them; they should travel no further down the pool than to where the water reaches just below their shoulders. At this depth they should still be able to move about with ease and still feel safe. Think about what kind of games you can play in shallow water that are still fun for everyone to join in with. Beach balls, floats and even water pistols can be enjoyed by all without anyone needing to swim.

Staying Safe

If you are supervising non swimmers in the pool it is important to have the right ratio of capable swimmers to non swimmers to ensure maximum safety at all times. For example if one non swimmer should get into difficulty there should be someone to help them and still someone available to keep a watch over the others in the pool. The maximum depth that the non-swimmers can play in should be clearly marked so that everyone knows that any game should not be taken past this point. For those children that really are afraid of the water and are still struggling to enjoy themselves, inflatable arm bands or other such swimming aids should be used in order to increase their confidence. This will boost their enjoyment of the water based activities so that everyone is included and no one is left out.

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