How a Solar Pool Cover and Solar Pool Heater Can Save You Money

by Pool Builders on 06-05-2010 in Articles

Owning a swimming pool is definitely a privilege. It's an excellent place to exercise, relax and hold social events such as parties and BBQ's. However, keeping the pool in good condition and a comfortable temperature does require some effort and expenditure. Generally most home pools are outside; this means one of the first issues is keeping debris out of the water.

There are many pool covers available on the market today that can keep debris out of the water, however for many of the covers this is their only function. With recent developments and a need to provide cheaper ways to heat the pool, developments in solar pool covers have arisen. They have a structure and appearance similar to that of a giant piece of bubble wrap. Produced from a clean plastic with pockets of air. As the plastic is clear, this allows the energy fro the sun to pass through and into the water to raise the temperature. The pockets filled with air then act like an insulator, keeping the heating in the water. Over time this will raise the temperature of the pool to a comfortable ambient temperature.

In some cases however, a solar pool cover cannot produce the temperatures desired by some for a genuinely warm pool. In this case it is possible to capture even more solar energy with a solar pool heater. This heater is based on a design using affordable parts from practically any local hardware store. The first piece of equipment required is a black water storage vessel. This will be where the energy from the sun is captured into the water. As the tank is black, more solar energy will be stored into the water. The tank is then placed within a collector box, which will increase the efficiency of the unit. If the unit can be placed below the level of the pool, a thermosyphon system is possible which will not require a pump.

More people are looking to solar heat solutions for their pool for the simple reason its too expensive to use oil or gas to heat their pool, as the running costs can be that of a small car. Also, using solar energy is a much greener option, and a similar system can be used to provide heat to your home.

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