How chemical kits can simplify maintenance   

by Pool Builders on 02-27-2012 in Articles

Shopping for pool chemicals can be frustrating and complicated, but chemical kits can make the process a little simpler. They'll even come with handy guides. Some of the different types of kits include:

Closing kits. Winterizing requires specialized chemicals that you might not use everyday and these kits will have all the chemicals you need for swimming pool winterizing. Good closing kits will have rust and scale remover, winterizer algaecide, and shock. These kits will also come in chlorine-free versions.

Spring start-up kits. After winterizing, next you'll need to plan for opening the pool back up for spring. This includes using algaecide, shimmer clarifier, rust and scale chemicals, and burst shock. Burst shock is a special fast-acting and powerful treatment. Shocking when you open up the pool is especially important so that all the contaminants that built up in the pool during winter get cleared away.

Spa start-up kits. These are made for spas that have been freshly filled with water. Especially if you are a new spa owner, this can make jumping into maintenance much easier. The chemicals that you should look for in a spa start up kit include some staples like bromine or granular chlorine, which is chlorine in a fast acting dissolvable form usually in the shape of tablets, chlorine test strips, pH increasers and decreasers, and shock. Some chemicals that you may not be familiar with but will probably come in any quality kit includes shimmer, which coagulates contaminants to make the water clearer, Metal Gone, which is a stain deterrent, and No Foam, which prevents foam caused by residue left over from swimmers' skin and hair products.

Sample kits. These kits will have the staples like algaecide, shock, and pH increasers and decreacers. If you are new at pool maintenance, these can help you start to develop a routine.

Season's supply kits. These kits will have the chemicals in the right quantities you will need for the pool season. Imagine not having to make trips to the pool store for a chemical run for months. You'll never have to worry about running low on something and worrying that you'll get behind your schedule.

Something to consider when shopping for chemical kits at a pool supply store: kits are designed to treat for certain pool sizes, so make sure to check how many gallons the kit can treat so that you know you won't be over or under treating your pool.

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