How to Build a Pool Deck

by Pool Builders on 10-31-2009 in Articles

Swimming is the most fun activity which you can do in the summer to escape the searing heat. Moreover it provides fitness to the body as a result of which more and more people are getting drawn towards this. But most people cannot seem to afford a pre-built swimming pool in their home due to the high costs. Thus, the option of building a customized swimming pool by yourself ensures that you save a lot of money in the process. The first step is to figure out the materials that will be required to build the swimming pool.

Some of them included in the list are 2 by 6 stock which should be pressure treated, 4 by 4 pressure treated stock, floor joist, joist hangers, railings, 2 ½ inch deck nails, water, sand, paint, base tube, stakes and the like. There are also a number of tools which are necessary for the construction of a pool. They are a hammer, shovel, wheelbarrow, tape measure, air gun and the like. When you are about to build a pool deck, the type will depend on the size of the pool that you already have. For instance, the deck should be constructed concrete if the pool is on the ground level.

When you start, you should know that the majority of the 2 by 6 stock comes in lengths of 10 inches. Decide the place where the footing will be with the help of paint. Now dig four inch holes in the place. Now that the holes are drilled, insert tubes below the frost line up to 4 inches. Moving on, if there is a doorway which will serve as the entrance to the deck, make sure that the height of the joist should be at least 4 inches less than the height of the doorway. Use the 2 by 6 post to indicate the height. Now that this is taken care of, the next step is to secure the height of the deck with the help of the joist. Use drill and bolts to secure it completely and then attach the deck post, making sure that it is of the same height. Now attach the floor joists to it and use sandpaper to scrap off any rough edges to avoid injury.

There is also the option of using pre-constructed railings which most home improvement stores provide. But these will be a bit costly than what you would have spent had you done them yourself. One tip to remember though is that pressure stock can repel paint or varnish when applied. So take some measures to prevent that!

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