How to Build a Vanishing Edge Pool  

by Pool Builders on 10-03-2011 in Articles

Having a vanishing edge pool can be a great little addition to your garden but if you don't do this correctly then there will be no illusion. Of course you want to make sure that you build your vanishing edge pool because it can be a great little project to carry out yourself; this will give you an illusion that your pools looks very much like an edge of the pool actually drops off somewhere so that the pool looks like there is three sides to the pool.
You will need a few things to complete this job including;
1. A Pump
2. Some Gunite
3. Some Steel Beams
4. A Professional Builder
5. A Shotcrete
Firstly let's start with your weir, this will be your basis of your pool; you can change the length of your walls, they can be anywhere near to fifty feet long. They will have to be strong however so that the pressure of the water will be able to stand up to the walls; however if your weir has not been constructed correctly then the walls will start to crack and will need to be fixed or replaced over time.
If you are building a higher wall then the walls will need to be thicker because of the amount of pressure hitting the wall. If you build a ten foot wall or even twelve foot wall then that is going to have a lot more pressure hitting the wall than what a smaller eight or five foot wall would be.
You might think about using materials such as shortcrete and gunite even mortar to construct your walls.
Your weir should be less than three inches from the elevation, this will mean that the water is going to cover the elevator and make sure the pool will look professional and natural also.
When it comes to your pumps then try to go for the smallest pumps you can find, if you go for a bigger pump then you are going to find that the cost goes up. The weir is also going to affect the pump also; you will need to think about how gallons per minute will run through the pool.
There are quite a few different options that you could go for when it comes to changing the look of the pool. This can be a dodgy project to build but getting in a professional to help you could be useful because they are the best when it comes to the building codes in the area and it wouldn't hurt anyone to get a second opinion from them.

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