How to Build an In-Ground Pool  

by Pool Builders on 10-03-2011 in Articles

When you think about building an in ground pool then you will find that there can be some problems with this pool. Sometimes buying one of these pools can cost anything around the twenty five thousand dollar mark; in fact it could be even more expensive at times with some costing one hundred thousand dollars also. It is maybe the best reason why you should think about building an in ground pool instead to save yourself a lot of money.
You will need some things such as;
1. A Hammer
2. Some Stakes For Marking The Perimeter
3. A Plumber
4. A Backhoe
5. A Paint Sprayer
6. Some Accessories
7. A Frame Kit
8. Concrete Mixer And Sealer
The first thing that you will need to do will be to make sure the area that you have planned to place this in ground pool is suitable. If you are planning on picking out an area which is slopped then it won't be any good, it is the same if you want to build in area which has poor access to plumbing and drainage also.
When you have the best location then you will want to mark out the area of your pool with stakes and then start excavating the area with backhoe. Next all dirt that needs to be removed should be done now, remember you will need a good enough depth for your pool.
For your frame and steps, you need your frame kit so that you can construct this and make your frame solid. This will be created from steel however but your kit should give you everything you need for the frame as well as the instructions also. If you want to build steps also then you will need to use your frame kit also to do so.
Now you want to go start with your plumbing because this is a main part of your in ground pool; you might think about getting a professional plumber in to help you with this part. It might be the best thing to do if you want to get a professional job done.
You will need to get yourself a mixing truck for you to put your concrete into; you will want to start with the pool's floor. So take the concrete and start to spread this out and try to make sure that you have everything smooth and even but if you get to a slop then stop at once. If you are unsure about creating the slope then get some help in but if you want to carry on then do so; you will need to leave the floor to dry off for around one week.
You will have to leave the walls to dry for one week or so before you can carry on to finish the pool off completely; when you have built the in-ground pool you will want to actually paint it with some special paint, concrete paint actually. The paint should be waterproof paint also so that the water won't take the paint off from the pool.

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