How to Build an In-Ground Spa  

by Pool Builders on 10-03-2011 in Articles

When you want to build an in ground spa then you might think that this is going to be a difficult thing to do. However, it is very simple when you know how to do so, if you do find that you don't want to pay for someone else to build and install this then why not do this yourself. Building and installing an in ground spa is very simple to do just follow the rules and you will see how simple it can be.
You are going to need a few things;
1. A hot tub shell
2. Some Concrete filling
3. Some excavation equipment
4. Some plumbing supplies
5. Some trenching equipment
6. Some wire
7. Your decking materials
8. A pump hosing
You firstly will have to mark the area in which you will be putting in your hot tub, you want to pick an area which is going to be very easy to get to and a suitable place also. You will have to dig a hole with your excavation equipment so that you can pour your concrete into this pit later; the pit however will have to be bigger than your hot tub, around thirty or so inches bigger so remember that and keep space for you to add your pump and your motor.
You should fix your wiring and plumbing now but if you are not sure about these parts then you might be best to get a professional in to help you.
To install the shell, you need to put your hot tub shell into your concrete pit; all wiring and plumbing work should be completed now.
You will now have to secure the shell, so make sure that you line up the holes on the shell with your plumbing work as well as your wiring. That way you can make sure that your connections work properly.
Remember that after the wiring and plumbing has been completed then you need to move onto the concrete and pour that around your perimeter of your tub.
Now you will have to cover your tub, you really do need to make sure that the cover you get is going to be appropriate for your tub however. These covers usually are designed especially for keeping out debris and dust and they are also used to be a safety tool to stop pets and children from falling into the tub.
However there are things that you need to remember, that if you are not sure about your plumbing work or don't really know about any wiring process then you might think about getting a professional in to do all your wiring and plumbing work. You might find that is the best solution for you to do when you are inexperienced with these procedures.

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