How to Build an Infinity Pool  

by Pool Builders on 10-03-2011 in Articles

If you have an infinity pool many people might know this as to be a vanishing edge pool; an infinity pool has three natural looking sides and the fourth creates the illusion that the fourth has vanished! It can really be a fantastic and if you create this right then your pool can look amazing and professionally done, you don't need to get someone else in to build this and cost you a lot of money. You can construct this yourself and will less time than it would to get a contractor in.
1. Final Finish Material
2. Some Wire Meshing
3. Rebar
4. Measuring Tool
5. Some Pool Plumbing Material
6. Some Trowels
7. Water, Sand And Concrete
8. A Gunite Sprayer
9. A Shovel And Backhoe
You will need to use some concrete or some tiling to set your three edges which won't be your vanishing sides, the last edge will be constructed so that it vanishes beneath the water. If you do this process correctly then the water feature can look actually very smart in deed and you might end up with something very impressive in deed.
If you find that the site is sloping then you are going to have to utilize the feature; you need to plan out about the vanishing end of your pool which should be back on the lower part of the ground so that the features looks natural.
You will need to excavate the area for your pool, so that your shovel and big out for your foundations.
You will need to start to prepare your gunite; this will be a mixture of sand and cement which will be sprayed through a nozzle onto the area that is needed to be sprayed. You will add water which will make a paste from your mixture which will need to be applied in the next step; you might need a professional in to do this for you.
To install your plumbing you will need your re-bars, take your 3/8th re-bars and space them around ten inches from one another and put in the wind wire all around them also. The gunite mixture will need to be sprayed over them now so that it will remain secure; try to get a good few coats of gunite spray on your rebar now. Take your trowel to smooth out the gunite and make this smooth and professional looking.
Now you will just have to wait for this to dry which will take around one week; you will need to add your plaster finish to the pool. You will need to get a good water source back into this infinity pool and make sure that you have got your pump installed correctly.

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