How to Buy a Fiberglass Swimming Pool Without Getting Ripped Off

by Pool Builders on 01-25-2010 in Articles

After having worked with thousands of clients throughout the United States to choose the right swimming pool from the right company, I've noticed one desire that EVERY pool shopper has: They don't want to get RIPPED OFF.....And who could blame them? We've all heard them- stories about holes being in yards for 6 months without any progress on the pool. Tales of pool contractors that took the deposit and ran or companies that went out of business during the process of the pool's installation. This article, which consists of 3 important tips, is meant to help you, as a swimming pool consumer, get through this process without stress and regret.

1. References: The truest sign of a great pool contractor is the references they are willing to give you. It always amazes me when I have someone tell me about how their local pool contractor ripped them off. My first question always goes back to the number of references they checked out before they signed a contract. What's crazy is that most consumers are happy with just a couple of these references and expect nothing further from the pool builder. Are you kidding me??? Here is how to properly ask for references: First, ask the contractor how many pools they installed last year. Once they've given you an answer, then ask them for their customer reference list from last year. By doing this, you'll quickly see just what percentage of customers they make happy. In other words, if a pool contractor installed 20 pools last year and can only give you 10 references, that means there is a 50% percent chance you'll be unhappy. My company has installed over 600 pools up to this point and we give every customer as a reference. Yep, all of them. Security and peace of mind for the homeowner? You could say that.

2. Website: Although most people wouldn't expect to find this on such a list, the correlation between bad swimming pool contractors and bad websites is surprisingly high. And what make a 'good' website? Simple, it's one that spends quite a bit of time educating you the consumer. For example, with my company website (link at bottom of page), over 95% of the site consists of articles and videos that are meant to enhance a pool shopper's knowledge and ensure they have a tremendous pool-buying and owning experience. Frankly, a company's commitment to customer education reflects their seriousness about their trade.

3. Jack of all trades, master of none: Such a phrase is extremely prominent in the fiberglass swimming pool industry. Some guy that owns an excavation company decides to be a pool installer because he owns the equipment and thinks it would be easy just to 'drop that pool in a hole'. After having been a pool installer for 10 years, I'm amazed at how many supposed 'pool businesses' I've seen go in and out of business that were also: excavation companies, landscaping companies, concrete contractors, tree removal companies, etc, etc. Now granted, some of these cross-over companies do end up establishing a successful business. But frankly, the majority never demonstrate the commitment needed to be truly skilled and refined at their craft.

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