How to Change From a Chlorinated Pool to a Ionization Pool System

by Pool Builders on 05-16-2011 in Articles

Spending a hot afternoon in your swimming pool quenches the heat of the sun and refreshes the body while you have fun swimming in your pool water. Traditional types of swimming pools are what make the majority of pools in the US and all around the world. However, recent studies associate many medical conditions related to bathing on chlorinated pools have proven to be alarming in the past years.

The growing number of abnormalities, heart problems, cancer, and even mild problems such as skin conditions are now a major concern among many pool owners. Chlorine is the one most blamed material responsible for the cause of these medical problems due to the fact that it is also the commonly used chemical in disinfecting swimming pools in any country. Aside from being affordable and effective, it is probably by far the easiest chemical product to purchase. Unlike its counterpart bromine which is hard to find, chlorine can be purchased on stores and almost anywhere as it is widely distributed in the US and in the other countries.

Many pool owners have jumped ship from the conventional chlorinated pool to the safer and more natural ionization pool which is fast gaining popularity all over the world. Ionization is the process of eradicating harmful elements that cause sickness on humans when water is swallowed during bathing on a swimming pool. Most of these are germs, bacteria, bad microorganisms and even fungi. Silver, copper and zinc ion fights off these organisms and render them harmless to humans.

Ionization has many benefits as compared to chlorine. Some of its benefits are:

• Ions are stable chemicals
• No side effects
• No skin and eye irritations
• No caustic odor
• Ionization causes no corrosion on metals

When planning on changing your system to ionization system, it would be wise to talk to a pool expert regarding this matter before you purchase your own ionized pool. Discussing with someone knowledgeable in this field not only gives you many ideas regarding this type of system, you can also get some insights on which ionized system as well as ionization combination system would suit your pool type. The next step would be to decide on which type of ionization system is ideal for you and would be suitable for your needs. Purchase only what you need and make sure that it is just right for your pool size and pool type before you pay for it. When you have purchased your ionized system, prepare your pool for its transition from chlorinated pool to ionized system by cleaning it and emptying the pool water. Install your new pool system next to your pool filter and make sure that you carefully do this in order to avoid any problem and accident. Turn off the power switch when doing this just to make sure that you are safe when installing the ionized pool system. Turn on and start your new pool system and let it run depending on the instruction stated in the manual. Replace the electrodes when needed to maintain the optimum cleaning capability of your ionization pool system.

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