How to Check Your Pool's pH Level

by Pool Builders on 02-17-2013 in Articles

Keeping up the pH level of a swimming pool is essential, not merely to protect the swimming pool, but for the sake of the swimmer's health. You should examine the pH levels of a pool at least twice a week using a pH test kit. This procedure is more important and needs to be checked more frequently during the summer or when the swimming pool usage is higher. Normal pH levels for a swimming pool are between 7.2 and 7.6, if the pH level of the pool is not in that range, then it should be adjusted with the use of chemicals. A higher pH level can damage the walls and other equipment of the pool and a lower pH can be acidic and harm swimmers. Maintaining the pH level in a pool is a continual procedure, because with every swimmer a new element will go in the water, such as the oil from the person's body. Environmental factors such as rain, tree and bird droppings can also change the pH level of the water.

How do you check the pH level?

To check the pH level of your swimming pool we use a pH test kit (easily available at swimming pool supply stores). You can select a method to test the pH such as a paper strip test or one-step tablet test. Remember that the paper test is a cheaper way to test the pH of the pool water, but it is also less reliable. To keep the results reliable, always check the pH of your pool by using a combination of tests. Always use a test kit as it is instructed to be used. If you are using a paper strip test, always use more than one strip to make sure the results are consistent, and in the case of a tablet test always compare the results against a sample of water with a known pH level.

Always use suitable chemicals for your pool when you are going to change the pH of the water, and always use the chemicals while the filters are running. This is to avoid the chemicals not spreading throughout the pool and being stronger in one part of the water than the rest.

In-case of a higher pH, add a pH reducer, such as muriatic acid solution, to the pool water when the pump is running. Read the instructions on the packaging carefully before using the muriatic acid solution and decide the volume of acid as per instructions and size of the pool. After using a pH reducer wait at least 4 hours before retesting the water.

In the situation where the pH of the pool is low, a pH raiser such as sodium carbonate based solution, soda ash or Alkaline is used to raise the pH of the water to avoid the water being too acidic. Every pH raiser comes with instructions, be sure to read it carefully before using it.

Swimming pool pH raisers and reducer are easily available at swimming pool supply stores. As your pool regains balance of the pH, you will see that your pool's water is clearer and blue.

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