How to Child Proof Your House  

by Pool Builders on 02-10-2012 in Articles

Houses should be installed with safety features and devices so that we can minimize the chances of having injuries caused by accidents. People most prone to accidents inside our home are our children because they are very playful, runs around a lot, and are very curious about almost everything inside the house.

So if you have kids living with you, it is better to read this tips from your certified home inspectors for child-proofing your homes.

€ Install safety locks and latches to your cabinets and drawers especially those located in your kitchen, bathroom, basement and others. These will prevent kids from opening these fixtures and stopping them from playing with its contents. It is best to place safety locks for cabinets where you store poisonous chemicals such as pesticides, detergents and paints.

€ Install safety gates in your stairs to prevent children from playing in your stairs. Choose a safety gate that is strong enough to prevent kids from tampering with it. It is also great if you can install safety gates in places where kids are not permitted such as in your basement, garage, office or workshop.

€ Mount gates and fences to your swimming pool area. Children loves to play in the water, thus making the pool area a high risk area for accidents especially if kids are left unattended. Gates and fences deny children access to the swimming pool area without the consent of their guardians.

€ Use anti-scald devices for faucets and shower heads. You should also adjust your water heater at a suitable temperature to prevent burns from hot water. Try to ask your plumber to install the device and adjust the temperature of your water heater.

€ Use corner and edge bumpers. Kids run a lot making them prone into bumping to furniture such as tables and other sharp edged fixtures. To prevent injury such as bumps, scrapes and wounds, put rubber bumpers to the edges of your furniture such as in your tables and fire place.

€ Use outlet covers to prevent children from poking into electrical outlets. Many electrical outlets sold in hardware shops have screw on covers with chains. They are great for the covers are difficult to remove and the covers can not pose as a choking hazard.

€ Place door stops and holders to prevent injuries coming from slamming the door.

€ Use wireless phones when watching over the kids. Using wireless phones gives you the luxury of answering the phone without leaving your kids to play on their own especially if they are in the bath tub or swimming pool.

€ Carbon Monoxide detectors should also be installed inside all of your sleeping areas to prevent CO poisoning. Houses with gas, oil and fire wood heaters and fire place as well as those with attached garage are required to have CO detectors inside their houses.

€ Install video cameras or use wireless radio in your child's bedroom. These gadgets are very handy especially in alerting you when your baby wakes up from his afternoon nap.

For more expert advice on how to child proof your houses, it is best to schedule a regular visit from your friendly certified home inspector.

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