How to Choose Swimming Pool Safety Covers

by Pool Builders on 05-11-2010 in Articles

One of the leading causes of death and injury to children under the age of 14 is drowning according to the CDC. A swimming pool cover can prevent these needless tragedies. There are several types of safety covers available from which you may chose. Standard sized rectangular ones are less expensive than custom covers, but be aware that many manufacturers void the warranty if you use a rectangular on a free form, Grecian or oval pool.

The two basic types of covers are the mesh cover and the vinyl cover. Vinyl covers are usually not considered to be true swimming pool covers since water can accumulate on the surface of the cover. Some vinyl covers are available with a mesh panel in the center which allows water to drain into the pool. There are also pumps which will pump water off the cover. The pumps usually work on a sensor and turn on when they sense the presence of water on the cover.

Mesh swimming pool safety covers protect your pool from leaves and debris while allowing water to drain into the pool. All safety covers are required to be able to support 485 lbs per 5 sq. ft. of pool cover. Covers are pulled taut above the water level of the pool and fasten into the pool deck with anchors and loops. Mesh covers may allow silt to filter into the pool when it is not in use for long periods.

There are automatic swimming pool safety ones available. These roll up on a reel and fasten into tracks on the sides of your pool. They operate with electricity and a key which is used to turn them on. While the automatic provide convenience, they are considerably more expensive than standard safety covers.

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