How to Choose the Right Pool Contractor  

by Pool Builders on 12-27-2011 in Articles

Custom pools Toronto, Ontario, Canada have become a raging trend. The fact that you can involve yourself in the design and construction makes them all the more interesting. You can experiment with artificial settings such fountains, landscaping and waterfalls. You can choose your own materials like concrete, vinyl cover, fiber glass, etc. depending on the space. You can have them built indoors or outdoors, in ground or over the ground. The good thing about custom pools is that they can overcome any geographical obstacles in your backyard like a hilly surface, small area; not just the design and style, the size is also customizable in these types of pools.

The different types of custom pools

€ Natural pools- These are the custom pools that use natural processes to clean water. Clay and gravel stones are used to construct them instead of fiber or vinyl. Aquatic plants filter the water instead of filtering systems and chlorine.
€ Freeform pools- They can be of any shape/ form depending upon the space of your backyard.
€ Lap pools- These are specially designed for exercising and swimming laps
€ Special-purpose pools- These are designed for the physically disabled. They allow safe entry and exit.

You can choose to go with any of the above, according to your requirements and in accordance to your own specifications. Check the internet, books, catalogues, neighbors' pools, etc for some design inspiration. Also, these give you an idea of what works and what doesn't. Plan your budget and have a clear idea of what you want. Communicate your designs clearly to the pool designer and you can have your pool just the way you want. Here are a few pointers on how to choose the right contractor to build your pool.

Enquire around

First step is to enquire around for a reputed contractor. You can ask relatives or friends who own custom pools. You can also search the internet for custom pool builders in your area. Their websites will have clients' testimonials - go through them. Some previous clients of the contractor would be willing to share their experiences, get in contact with them to get an idea about the contractor's work.

Previous work

Go through catalogues of an experienced contractor. You can meet him in person and discuss his previous work. You can also see his work on the contractor's website where samples of his previous work will be catalogued. You can get an idea about his style of work based on these samples of custom pools Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Experienced contractor

Go for an experienced contractor who knows what he is doing. Unless he comes with good references, do not choose an amateur builder. An experienced contractor can offer good suggestions that help make your pool even better.

Other considerations

You know an experienced contractor when you see one. He incorporates your lifestyle preferences into building the pool. When you have finally zeroed in on a contractor, sign a contract that spells out everything that has been agreed upon, and make sure there are no hidden costs.

Custom pools Toronto, Ontario, Canada are a product of their owner's imagination and creativity. Make an informed decision about choosing a good contractor and you can enjoy the custom pool you have always wanted.

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