How to Clean Dirty Pool Water

by Pool Builders on 05-06-2011 in Articles

Swimming is the best option to beat the heat in summer. A swimming pool will certainly cause difficulty to homeowners, if the water is unclean or dirty. Bear in mind that cleaning a dirty pool is essential for enjoying swimming and preventing mosquitoes and pests from entering it. Below are some tips that might help you clean dirty pool water.


  1. Firstly, clean the floating debris usually leaves and sticks from the swimming pool. You may do this by using a long-handled leaf net. Alternatively, vacuum the pool. Put on gloves while you use and empty the leaf net. Also, brush off algae while removing debris, as it grows on the sides of your pool. Brush it off applying overlapping strokes from shallow end to deep end.
  2. Always test as well as adjust alkaline and pH levels using the correct alkalinity plus, pH minus or pH plus chemicals. You may find them in any store that sells swimming pool supplies.
  3. Add chlorine into the pool water, because dirty pools require chlorine in gallons for clearing the water and killing algae as well as bacteria. Pour it into the pool daily for some days to kill the bacteria completely. Always have chlorine from a pool supply store.
  4. Turn the filter on and set it to run constantly. If it is clogged, then wash it to enable water to flow through it uninterruptedly. The filter is bound to clog often if the water in pool is dirty. Check the filter regularly and replace it if required. If you find it difficult in removing considerable quantity of contaminants regularly, then reset it back to normal mode from the continuous mode.
  5. Clear any leftover debris after the pool water becomes clear from leaves and sticks. Here, either you can use the left net again or pool vacuum, if there is little debris left.
  6. You may add algaecide in the pool, which kills remaining algae apart from preventing further growth of algae.
  7. Never run the pool heater while cleaning it. This is because warm water may encourage the growth of algae and might make the cleaning process more difficult.
  8. Lastly, consider covering the swimming pool during off-season and see to it that there are appropriate types and amount of chemicals within the pool water for keeping it free from algae always.

You can try these methods to clean dirty pool water and keep it healthy for swimming always.

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