How to Clean Swimming Pools for Sparkling Water All Season  

by Pool Builders on 11-26-2009 in Articles

Having your own swimming pool is a great way to have fun in the summer heat. However, with pool ownership comes the responsibility of keeping the water clean and clear. You need to know that it requires a daily commitment to keep your pool sparkling and ready for swimming.

While keeping your swimming pool water clean isn't difficult it does require you to do some daily maintenance to keep it swimable. You will need to remove debris from the top of the pool by using a skimmer. The skimmer will get rid of the dirt on the surface of the pool. Regularly removing it keeps it from breaking down in the pool and making the pool dirty.

Another essential regular chore that must be done is pool vacuuming. Vacuuming the sides and bottom of the pool helps to remove any dirt and will eliminate algae growth. Try to vacuum the pool daily. Vacuuming in the morning is helpful because any debris in the pool may settle on the bottom. Once people begin swimming in the pool the debris is stirred up and is harder to vacuum away.

Choose from one of several kinds of cleaners for swimming pools. Suction vacuums are the most popular. There are also pressure cleaners that are good at loosening dirt from the bottom and sides. Choose a pool cleaner that is suited to your type of pool. Compare prices before buying since the prices can range greatly on these pool products.

Algae is the most common pool problem. Algae grows quickly and begins to stick to the sides and bottom. If you start to feel slime this is algae. Algae grow very fast and need to be dealt with immediately. Begin by scrubbing the sides and bottom using a brush or sponge to remove any dirt. Then vacuum the water to get rid of any debris that you have stirred up. It is best to work in small sections to make sure that your pump and filter can handle the excess dirt.

Many busy people enjoy using a robotic vacuum. These handy devices are set up to continually canvas the pool picking up dirt and debris. While robotic pool cleaners are efficient they are also somewhat expensive. Still the price may be well worthwhile to assist you in keeping the pool clean and clear all summer long.

Regularly maintaining your pool is the best way to keep your swimming pool water sparkling clear. Use your pool cover to keep excess dirt and debris out of the pool overnight and whenever you're not using it. Check the water daily and add the proper chemicals. Skim and vacuum the pool every day. If you will be away be sure to have someone check on your pool from time to time to make sure the pump and filter are working correctly.

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