How to Clean a Swimming Pool And Make it Fun!

by Pool Builders on 08-17-2009 in Articles

So many folks just don't realize how to clean a swimming pool is probably one of the easiest household chores available. As a matter of fact I used to choose the task of cleaning our pool when I was a kid so that I didn't have to clean the car or the bathrooms. I loved it. I got to spend the time outside and with these tips I developed, it made the job a cinch. Plus after I was done, I was able to spend the rest of the day lounging poolside and taking dips. All the while my brother was inside vacuuming or cleaning toilets.

I always made sure that every day or every other day things were working as well as they should for maintaining my pool. So I'd check that the filter was working and that the chemical levels were as they should be. Keeping on top of these things made the weekly chore of cleaning the pool a delight. Besides, I loved playing with the chemicals and seeing the colors change. I felt like a mad scientist!

We always had a fence around our pool and this was very helpful in making how to clean a swimming pool easier. Not just for safety reasons, but it really cut down on the amount of debris that would land up in our pool. Along with this, I always made sure that our patio furniture was packed away when not in use and the umbrellas and seat cushions were put in the storage hut. You'll be amazed at what some strong winds can blow into your pool.

Making sure that the surrounding area of the pool is uncluttered really made the actual chore of cleaning my pool so much easier. And being organized really helps. I always put the cleaning tools, the brushes and nets and vacuum away after use so I knew where they were. Then when it came time to clean the pool my chore was easy.

This is my 3 step process on how to clean a swimming pool. Use a net to skim the surface and take off any bugs and leaves and such. Then brush the sides going around the pool before brushing the bottom. Lastly vacuum the sides and then bottom. This systematic approach really made my weekly chore nothing more than a 30 minute fun in the sun exercise. Of course, the fact that I maintained the pool's health on an ongoing basis made it that much easier.

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