How to Clean a Swimming Pool (My Super Simple System)

by Pool Builders on 08-09-2009 in Articles

Many pool owners think that a professional pool care service is the best method for how to clean a swimming pool. This doesn't have to be the case. You can save the cost of these expensive services by following some simple steps yourself.

Sparkling pool water is a lovely sight to behold, but viruses and bacteria may be hiding in it without proper cleaning. Hence, you want to regularly test the chemical balance of your pool's water. Ensure your chlorine and pH levels are always kept at appropriate levels to keep your water safe for swimming.

Keep pool skimmers on hand and regularly clean out bugs, leaves and other debris that easily collect in the water. Do this daily when your pool is in use. Keep the water covered when the pool is not in use to keep foreign objects and particles out.

In addition to skimming, using a swimming pool vacuum will remove a lot of the debris that gets left behind in pool water. The night before you are going to vacuum your pool, brush the walls to remove dirt and leaves that may be stuck there. Ensure that you shut the pool's filter off before vacuuming, to allow debris to settle on the pool's floor. Then you can get all of the material that was in or around the water vacuumed up. To limit the amount of debris that gets in your pool, ensure you keep the area around it clean. Use your regular garden hose to give the area a good wash on a regular basis.

Cleaning out your filter is an essential part of cleaning your swimming pool. Your filter collects a lot of unwanted elements, so make sure you clean it at least once a week. Follow your filter's specific guidelines for proper cleaning methods.

Finally, shock your pool's water at least once a week to keep algae from growing.

You want your swimming pool to be enjoyed throughout the season, so learning how to clean a swimming pool is an important part of keeping it healthy and clean. Following these simple steps can allow you to do just that and save money!

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