How to Clean a Swimming Pool Pump  

by Pool Builders on 03-15-2012 in Articles

Diving into your swimming pool is a pleasure, but more than that is the filtration equipment. It is mandatory to have a bacteria free swimming pool. Hence, having good Swimming Pool Pumps is essential as it is the heart of pools to have a clean and bacteria free pool.

Tips to swimming pools

Having a swimming pool at the backyard of your home is great to boast. But, you must also know the necessity of maintaining and cleaning the swimming pool. It is a must to enjoy the power of swimming.

The pool pumps are available now at economical rates. There are good pools that enhance your swimming experience underwater. It circulates warm water and makes you feel calm and relaxed, even while enjoying water experience. Filters and pumps are equipment that supports life of pools, while the others include automatic cleaner, heater and automatic chlorinator, but these are not a must. However, proper maintenance cannot be ignored so that the pool performs for many more years.

Importance of pool pumps

Pool pumps are used to empty or fill swimming pools. If ordinary pumps are used, the time taken to fill or empty the pools will be longer. Hence, it is a must to get high capacity pumps installed especially in commercial pools. Pumps need spare parts to be replaced, but the pump should be from genuine manufacturers, else one has to be ready to sing the problem music later.

Hayward pool pumps offer consistent performance and dependability. They are equipped with energy efficient heavy duty motors offering excellent performance. Hayward is highly preferred as it replaces worn out parts without hindrance and going for such original parts is recommended so that you enjoy trouble free performance for a long period of time.

Pumps Models

Hayward pumps come as above and in ground pumps, where the above ground is only in one category, the in-ground pumps come in High performance, medium head and booster pumps. There are many more models available to suit all Commercial Pool Pumps namely,
€ Above ground pumps- Powerflow, Powerflow II, Powerflow Matrix and PowerflowLX
€ In ground pumps- Tristar, Ecostar, SVRS, Tristar Waterfall, Super Pump, Super II, Booster Pump, Maxflo and MaxfloII.

Pool pumps Specifications

The specifications of different models Hayward pool pumps:

€ Power Flo LX- This pump is corrosion resistant protecting internal parts. It is featured with a strong impeller, transparent basket and drain plug.
€ Ecostar- This pool pump has enclosed fan cooling and variable speed pump. It has vacuum release system to prevent trapping unwanted things.
€ Power Flo II- Self priming is one of the important features of this pump and it has thermal overload protector averting overheating.
€ Super- This operates silently and has extra large debris bucket.

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