How to Clean an In-Ground Swimming Pool

by Pool Builders on 07-27-2011 in Articles

Owning a swimming pool is one of the greatest rewards that you could give yourself and your family. It could give you endless hours of fun and excitement especially on hot summer days where everyone would want to dip in the cold water of the swimming pool. People usually go to public pools but for people who has their own swimming pools; it would be a lot more convenient and easier.

However, owning a pool is as challenging as it is fun. It is challenging because of the fact that you have to maintain its functionalities and cleanliness regularly. Cleaning it is also a very challenging task especially if you have a very large pool in your house.

So how can you clean your pool? How would you clean it if your pool is an in - ground pool? Actually, it doesn't matter whether it is in ground or above ground; the cleaning process is pretty much the same. Therefore, to help you on that, here are the different ways in which you could clean your swimming pools to maintain its blue and clear water and make it safe for everyone.

First, the manual way of doing things is to brush the pool areas including the floors and the walls. Even if you have an automatic pool cleaning system, it is still necessary for you to brush it because there are no APC's that could totally remove the dirt and other stuff from the walls and the floors, but it would be many help when you have these things. After that, use a pool vacuum to suck in the loose dirt and other foreign elements that are harmful to people and that would make your pool dirty. Make sure that you vacuum it properly so that no dirt would be left behind.

Also, be meticulous when doing this. Check out the corners, stairs, and areas that are hard to reach. This is where the dirt is usually thick because it reaches no circulation. Maintaining your swimming pool is the best way to keep it clean. Check your pool's filtering system if it's functioning properly so that it would work at its best. In addition, the pH levels in your pool should also be monitored regularly for it contributes a lot on your pool's cleanliness state. To maintain the clear and clean state of the water, you should use several methods. Some also uses the process called "shock pool treatment" but that would be explained on another post.

At the end of the day, it all depends on how well you maintain and clean your pool. If you are doing a good job of it then you would definitely have a swimming pool that is crystal - clear, clean, and safe for everyone to enjoy. That is what you need.

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