How to Clean and Maintain Pool Filter Cartridge?  

by Pool Builders on 10-09-2011 in Articles

In order to get crystal clear, safe and hygienic pool water, proper maintenance of the pool filter is necessary. Though the maintenance of pool filter cartridge is quite simple yet proper care should be taken in order to increase the longevity as well as performance of pool filters.

For a great swimming experience, proper upkeep and maintenance of your pool is important. However, much of the hygiene and cleanliness of the pool water depends upon the efficiency and performance of swimming pool filters. Though, pool owners have a couple of options like sand and DE filters to make a choice from yet, cartridge pool filters have become the most popular and preferred choice of pool owners owing to their high affordability and low cost of maintenance.

A clean pool filter is vital for keeping up bather comfort and increasing the life of pool equipment. Cartridge pool filters have played a significant role in maintaining a clean and safe swimming environment. Over a period of time contaminants and debris get accumulated in the fine fibers of the cartridge element pleats. Consequently, they need to be cleaned up in order to ensure high level of efficiency in terms of pool water filtration.

Cartridge Filters can easily be removed from the filter tank for episodic cleaning, eradicating the need for backwashing of the filtration system. When the filtration system becomes clogged with debris and other impurities, back pressure on the filter rises and the overall flow rate of the pool circulation system falls down.

Most cartridge filters run at a lower pressure than sand or DE. There is a maximum pressure reading label given outside the filter. You got to remember that the maximum pressure reading should not exceed 8-10 psi. Since, cartridge filters are designed to run at lower pressure, pool circulation is quite good.

Cartridge filters have much more available area as compared to sand or DE filters. As a result, they don't clog up quickly which results in putting less back-pressure on the pump and so you get more flow and turnover. Moreover, cartridge filters can filter out particle size as small as 25 microns.

It is very easy to clean the cartridge pool filters by simply hosing off the external debris with water followed by soaking the cartridge in a cleaning solution so that the remaining dirt is also removed. However, your cartridge filter requires replacement every three to four years when the filter becomes clogged with hard deposits that cannot be washed away.

While cleaning your pool filter cartridges, you need to take care of few things in order to maximize the life of your cartridge. First of all clean the elements only after going through proper cleaning instructions. Secondly, avoid using stiff brush for cleaning, instead use a garden hose and finally maintain the proper chemical balance of your water.

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