How to Correctly Place an Above Ground Pool

by Pool Builders on 04-16-2010 in Articles

Individuals who want to have their own above ground pool can save money by installing it themselves. You have to make sure that you thoroughly read the instruction manual of your pool before putting it in place so that you will not waste your valuable time and effort. Installing your own pool will also allow you to relax and cool down anytime you want especially during summer.

Materials in Creating An Above Ground Pool

The materials needed are patio bricks, complete pool kit with accessories and user's manual.

Steps in Installing An Above Ground Pool

Make sure that the location where you will place your pool is flat and free of any kinds of debris. This is an important factor since you cannot fix any imperfection once H20 is placed in the pool. You can also place sand on the ground before installing you pool. Add a pad to increase the life expectancy of the whole set-up.

The pad also acts as a protection from rocks, weeds and other materials that might affect the quality of your project. This gorilla pool pad is also tough and prevents any footprints. Cut the pad carefully to fit the size of your above ground pool. Create the track to strengthen the exterior walls following the directions of the pool manufacturer. Then install the coving.

This is important since it preserves the pools liner and reduces the probability of corrosion. A standard cove is composed of 2.3 pounds/3 feet foam. It will also help you maintain the cleanliness of the pool easier. Pool foam wall is another vital accessory that you need to place in the set-up. It can improve the life expectancy of the pool liner and the pool itself.

The waveless pool foam variety also maintains the water temperature in the set-up while ensuring a seamless wall surface which prevents any damage to the pool wall due to holes or excess moisture. Do not forget to place the vinyl liner to the wall of your masterpiece because it permits the pool liner to absorb a considerable amount of sunlight to keep the temperature of the water in the tank at an optimum level.

Make sure that the liner is properly in place and there are no bumps. You can now fill the set-up with H20. Place the filter and pump set-up for water maintenance. You can also add your own design to the pool like adding a pool deck, plants to improve the landscape and fence.

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