How to Deal With a Hot Tub Low Flow Error  

by Pool Builders on 09-21-2014 in Articles

When you own a spa or a swimming pool, no matter how much care you take of it, after a certain period of time, some or the other problem does arise in it. Using a swimming pool or a hot tub everyday might give rise to several problems like blockage of pool and spa filters, collection of dirt in the pool filter cartridges or hot tub flow error. If you too have faced any of the above mentioned problems and are thinking that why did these problems occur even though you installed the best quality pool filter products, worry not as these problems are common and can be solved easily. This article will provide you with tips to deal with a hot tub low flow error.

Before understanding how to troubleshoot a low flow error, it is important to know what a hot tub flow error is. The spa's heater has two sensors on each side that keep a reading of the water pressure that flows through the system. The heater should never dry up, so as soon as the flow of water drops beyond a certain level, these sensors indicate the heater to shut down. This prevents the heater from burning. A clogged pump, unclean filter, low level of water or bad flow sensor can be a few factors responsible for hot tub flow error. Here are a few steps to get rid of this problem:

-Check the level of the water of the spa. If the level of water is low, make sure you immediately turn off the spa and then turn it on again after a certain period of time.
-If the level of water is fine, remove the cartridges. If the error does not clear off, turn off the GFI breaker and reset the tub. Wait for a minute and then turn on the breaker.
-Next, check the pressure switch or the sensors and see if they are in a working condition. Sometimes the non-functioning of these parts shows a false error. If you find that they are not working properly, replace them immediately.
-Last but not the least, see if the circulation pump is causing the trouble. A low flow may be caused if the pump is clogged with impurities. If you hear a sound from your pump, this might be an indication that the pump is clogged - make sure you immediately clean the circulation pump.

By performing these steps you can troubleshoot the problem of hot tub flow error without taking the help of a professional.

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