How to Design Natural Pools

by Pool Builders on 04-06-2011 in Articles

Natural pools are not only famous because they are relaxing to look at and to swim in but they also add a natural look to your house. The idea of building natural pools in the US is becoming popular as more and more people are falling for the natural beauty of these types of pools. Some homeowners are even setting up their natural pools in their garden to better complement their beauty.

Although these pools are quite hard to maintain as compared to the traditional swimming pools, most people find them worth having due to many good reasons. Health conscious individuals will surely love to have these natural swimming pools as the need for regular usage of chemicals is totally eliminated as these products are replaced by the water plants used on these types of pools.

Designing a natural pool is similar with any conventional swimming pool although you can't dig vertically without creating a slope as you won't have the liberty to use steel frames to support your pool walls from caving in. For this reason, your pool should be designed like a catch basin to minimize soil erosion. You can design your own shape and size as long as you use the ratio of 1 foot vertical drop for every 3 feet horizontal length. Any additional decorations won't matter as long as you follow this rule. You would also want to make your swimming pool steps to provide an easy access in and out of your natural pool. This will also prevent any soil erosion due to stepping on the sides of your swimming pool.

Another way to prevent soil erosion is to compact the soil properly before you use any sealing product. This way you will be sure that the soil will not loosen and cause any movement as compacting the soil will make your pool withstand any water movement in your pool. Seal your pool to trap in and contain water by using any available water sealer product in the market. One of the widely used due to its affordability is the bentonite clay. Any product is acceptable as long as you apply them properly on your soil. The type of soil also plays a great role in the effectiveness and amount of sealing product needed. Bentonite clay as well as the other products does better with clay soils. On the other hand, sandy soil needs larger amount of sealing products to be able to properly hold water and avoid any leaks.

When you are planning, always remember to include a place for your water plants as keeping them in one place is important to have a presentable looking and properly-placed plants in your swimming pool. Doing an ample amount of research regarding on what beneficial plants are best to use and mix up in your pool will also give you an advantage as you will know what to pick for your natural swimming pool. Don't base your decision alone on the visual appeal of your water plants instead choose those that will provide you the best benefits in filtering and maintaining an oxygen-rich and bacteria free water.

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