How to Design Your Swimming Pools  

by Pool Builders on 11-27-2010 in Articles

Swimming pools come in all shapes and sizes, from children's wading pools, to above-ground and large in-ground pools. All of these sizes and types can be fun, but each category has its differences and limitations.

The first consideration is to be clear about what you want and need in a pool. Then look into the possibilities and start planning. Think about styles, materials, size, and design. Designing pools is more of an art form than in the past, but remember to think about more practical concerns. How many people will be in it at any given time? How will they plan to use it? Do you want to swim laps, have a shallow area for younger children, or utilize a diving board? Do you want the pool for your kids to splash around in, for pool parties, or to increase the value of your home?

Have a sense of your goals before signing off on your pool design. Otherwise you'll find yourself swimming laps into a waterfall. Consider the features that would allow your pool to work best for you before you design the pool.

There's a lot more to pool design than size and shape. What kind of look do you want your back yard to have? It's difficult to explain this using words. A good way to find the design that suits you is to create a look book. Collect images of the kind of ambiance you want your yard to have. These can come from books, magazines, websites, or even photos you took on vacation - wherever you find your pool design inspiration.

Would you rather have a geometric design, or something more freeform? Do you want a dramatic statement design, or a relaxing retreat? You could bring in design elements from the natural world, creating an oasis-type atmosphere in your yard. Design features might include rocks and waterfalls, creating the look of a natural pool. You don't need a completed design at this point, but you ought to have an idea in mind. Besides pictures, you can also brainstorm a list of words that describe your perfect pool. Give these pictures and descriptions to your pool builder so that they can be incorporated into the design, and you can get the look you want.

Make sure to include pictures of not only the pool, but also the surrounding areas. This is an excellent way to get ideas about swimming pool landscape (or "poolscape") options.

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