How to Design a Swimming Pool

by Pool Builders on 05-04-2010 in Articles

Swimming is a full body exercise that brightens your mood and physical activity. Most people swim to release their stress and to feel good. If it is you live in a warm climate, a dive in the pool surely will give you an experience of total relaxation and peace of mind. For a city in the south, where summers are hot and winters are mild, many residential architects choose to add a pool to the plan of a house. When you are constructing a house for yourself, it is a good idea to contact a residential architect and also ask him about whether they would be able to build a swimming pool according to the overall layout of your house.

If you are constructing a pool in your house, you should keep a few basics in your mind. Below are a few tips for you which can help you out on this:

• It is not important that you have a plain, rectangular pool for your house. You can include different designs and curves that will enhance the presence of the pool as well as give an added charm to your house. To picture what kind of a shape will look great with your house, you can take a rope or garden hose to create different curves and shapes.

• The next thing you need to consider is the length of your house. You must think about the total area available. Take proper measurements and draw the whole plan on graph paper. Your pool should be according to your house. Neither should it be too large for the total space available, nor should it appear too tiny in a huge patio.

• When you are considering dimensions, you should also think about the distance you are going to maintain between the house and the pool. There should be a considerable distance between the pool and your house so that you don't step out of your house and land right into the pool! Think about the pool area, landscape and decking area as beautiful outdoor living areas.

• In your plan, you should also think about the boosters for your pool. Include a loveseat and steps with your pool. You can either build steps or a slight slope to give it a free form design. Furthermore, you can also include a spa around the pool area, just to beautify it a little more.

• Once you are done with planning the pool's dimensions, you should start planning the digging process. You should dig up a 39 inch deep hole in the dimensions of the pool. As for the deck, you should think about building the deck area with wood or concrete.

• Finally, when you are done with building the pool, buying its accessories is something to ponder upon. You have to look for pool lights, pool floats and pool lounges. Select them according to the size of your pool and the size of your house. Too large pool seats will give a haphazard look to a small pool. The same goes for very small seats around a large pool.

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