How to Drain Your Swimming Pool (3 Easy Steps!)

by Pool Builders on 08-09-2009 in Articles

Your swimming pool is a central part of your family's relaxation and recreational activities, so you want to keep it a clean and inviting place season after season. One of the important parts of pool ownership is learning how to drain swimming properly.

A part of your regular swimming pool care and maintenance, you are already following proper chemical guidelines to keep the water safe and clean. However, it is still generally recommended that you drain your swimming pool every three years. Over time the chemicals lose their effectiveness in working with your pool water, so it is a good idea to start with a clean slate around every three years.

The process of how to drain swimming pool may seem like a big task, but the good news is there is an easy and cost effective way to get the job done. You don't need to hire a professional pool care service to do it. Using a device called a submersible sump pump, that is found at most hardware or home improvement stores, will save you a lot of money.

Steps for How to Drain Your Swimming Pool

1.    Connect the submersible sump pump to the sewage drain hole. Your home's sewer ports found next to the house and are covered by round plastic caps.

2.    Once you have connected the sump pump's hose to the sewer port, lower the pump itself into the deepest are of your swimming pool, then turn it on. The pump will starting sending the pool water through the hose and into your home's sewer port, to be reused by the city.

3.    The emptying of your pool will take several hours. Ensure the process is monitored, so that you can turn the pump off once all of the water is drained, otherwise you risk damaging the pump. For this reason, do not allow a pump to run overnight.

Once your swimming pool has been drained, clean out any debris that remains. Then refill your pool as soon as possible, to avoid pool distortion from groundwater surrounding it. Following these simple steps for how to drain swimming pool, will ensure your pool's water is in great shape for your swimming pleasure!

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