How to Effectively Clean Leaves From a Swimming Pool

by Pool Builders on 11-25-2009 in Articles

Anyone who has a swimming pool knows that leaves and debris can keep it from looking clean and sparkling. Leaves are not only unattractive they also cause problems for your pool. There are three main problems that leaves can create in your swimming pool. First, leaves can clog the baskets and filters and cause your pump and filtration system to malfunction. Second leaves break down quickly in water and provide a source of food for bugs. Third, leaves contribute to algae growth in the pool.

Cleaning leaves from the swimming pool can be a chore. They clog most vacuums so you need to continually pull large leaves off the suction mechanism in order to keep the vacuum functioning properly. Leaves sit on the surface of the water for a relatively short period of time. Then they sink to the bottom where they will begin to decay.

If you have a large amount of leaves to deal with on a regular basis be sure that you have a pump and filtration system that can handle it. You may want to have more than one intake suction that will allow for at least a few strainer baskets. These need to be checked frequently to make sure that the leaves aren't stuck or clogged in the basket.

Skimming leaves from the surface on a regular basis is the number one best way to keep leaves from becoming a problem in your pool. Use a high quality skimmer that has a large surface for skimming. Make a habit of skimming the pool completely before putting the cover on at night. Try to eliminate the leaves from the surface before they begin to deteriorate and head for the bottom. As leaves decompose they break into tiny pieces that will have to work their way through your filtration system.

You'll also need to check and clean the baskets on a regular basis. These can become easily clogged with large leaves and can cause damage to your pump. When the baskets are clogged they are stopping the filtration system from working properly. If you have leaves you'll need to check the baskets several times per day.

Your pool filtration and pump systems can only go so far in clearing leaves from the pool. Most leaves will need to be manually removed. To keep a clean, clear and algae free pool you'll want to first consider placement of the pool in your yard. Avoid installing the pool directly underneath trees and consider wind direction when in close proximity to trees. If you must install your pool close to a tree you should remove any branches that directly overhang the swimming pool.

Sometimes, particularly in the fall, you can't avoid being in the line of fire from many leaves. During these times be sure to use your pool cover any time you're not in the swimming pool. This will help to eliminate a large quantity of leaves from getting in. Keep a small pan or bucket of water to rinse off feet before getting into the pool to reduce the leaves and other debris that gets tracked into the pool on wet feet.

Keep up with your pool maintenance by cleaning and replacing the filter often to avoid clogs. Cleaning leaves from the swimming pool requires a continued vigilance. If you take the necessary steps to keep your pool clean you'll reap the rewards by having a sparkling clean pool to swim in.

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