How to Eliminate Chlorine Smell in Pools

by Pool Builders on 06-05-2011 in Articles

Chlorinated swimming pools are the most common types of pool water systems used all over the world as they are the most convenient and inexpensive among all pools. However, the stench of chlorine can be offensive and quite irritating to the nose and to the eyes due to its residue hovering around the surface of the pool water. When exposed to it on a longer period of time, problems on the respiratory system may possibly arise.

Chlorine is a household chemical product among pool owners due to its affordability, easy access, convenience of use and effectiveness as a pool water sanitizer. Pool water can be dangerous to human health when taken orally as harmful bacteria, fungi, microorganisms such as protozoa and germs will infest any body of water, especially in high temperature. This chemical is poured in either capsule form or broadcasted into the pool water when required to disinfect and maintain cleanliness on the water. Although using it can be beneficial and advantageous for the pool owner, too much amount will destroy the cell of the human body as well.

Aside from the bad smell and suffocating evaporating chlorine around the pool, exposure to chlorine and other chemicals can also affect the fertility, and immune system of the bather. Cancer and other types of medical problems are also included in the side effects acquired from too much direct contact with this chemical.

Eliminating the smell of chlorine can be quite easy though. Basically, whenever you smell this chemical product in your pool water, what you really inhale is the odor of chloramines. These are the results of poor pool maintenance due to the inappropriate amount of chemical sanitizers used on the pool water.

The first thing that you need to do is to get the exact amount of chlorine available in the pool water. You can get this done by using a dependable water test kit that is of good quality. This will give the accurate reading for the total level of chlorine existing in your water.

After getting the result from the water test, the adjustment for the right level of chlorine can be started by doing what is required. For low levels of chlorine, slowly add this chemical product in the pool water and let it rest for a period of time while the pool pump is running in order to get it mixed properly in the water. Use chlorine neutralizers in case it needs to be brought down to a lower level. Regularly run water testing from time to time until you get it in its correct level. This will neutralize the smell coming out from the chloramines in the water as they will be eliminated with the use of the exact amount of chlorine.

Cyan uric acid should also be used as a follow-up and aid to boost the working power of chlorine. This acid will also help a lot in prolonging working time of the sanitizing agent by protecting it against the harmful rays of the sun and keeping it intact even when the temperature is at its highest.

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