How to Empty a Swimming Pool

by Pool Builders on 05-16-2011 in Articles

Swimming pools are nice places to hang out with families and friends and a cool venue to throw any kind of party. However, a good pool also needs cleaning and maintenance in order to keep its beauty at all times. Emptying a swimming pool is a good thing to do when you need to clean it, when you are not planning on using it for a while or when the winter is coming around.

A week before your scheduled emptying and cleaning of your swimming pool, make sure that you no longer add any chemicals on the water of your pool. This is in preparation of your upcoming task. It saves you enough chemicals to be used when you open up your pool again and also makes it usable for your plants in case you have a garden where you can spray the water all over. Always remember to test the water and check the pH level before you drain the water on your pool.

Any type of pool always has a drainage system in order for you to quickly remove the water quickly and conveniently. Make sure that the drainage system is always at its best without any clogging to avoid stagnant water in your system and for a quick flush of water out of the pool. Now, to start emptying your swimming pool, check your drainage system and make sure that it is ready several days before your scheduled date. The drain line is always located near the pool for easy access. Empty the pool of all the water and leave it for a while.

Attach your hose to the drain line and make sure that it fits well to avoid leaking that will make a mess all over the place, adding more work to your task. You can use the water freely on your garden as there are no chemicals in the water as you didn't add anymore for a week prior to your draining. You can also water your lawn thoroughly with the pool's water without any fear of killing your lawn. You can also use the water to clean your car, garage, or anywhere that needs watering except for drinking.

When you had watered your plants, lawn and had finished cleaning your car or anything you want to clean with water, you can turn off the pump and let it rest for a while. This will also give your plants and the lawn a time to consume the water it took from your draining so that you can repeat the watering again after a while.

Repeat the process until you take out all the water inside the swimming pool. Always remember to be careful every time you empty your pool by avoiding any spilling or unnecessary watering on the floor as to prevent any injuries due to slipping on the floor by accident. Turn off the pump and remove the hose after you emptied the pool and make sure that you cover it with an appropriate pool cover to keep dirt and debris out of your pool.

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