How to Enjoy Your New Above Ground Pool

by Pool Builders on 08-08-2008 in Articles

In order to fully enjoy your above ground pool several things must be taken into account. Choosing the correct pool with the right equipment is first on the list.

When choosing an above ground pool pay close attention to the size that will fit your needs, your yard and your budget. How many people will be using the pool? Is it just you and your spouse? Will it be for a small family or will all of the neighborhood kids and their parents be in the pool at the same time? Do you want to just relax on a floater and sip a cold one or do you want to swim laps. Carefully consider your pool needs when picking the correct size.

When your needs have been considered start looking at prices. This starts getting a little complicated when a 15' round pool with good cleaning equipment can cost the same as a 27' round pool with lousy cleaning equipment. There is nothing worse than having a pool that you cannot swim in because it is always full of green or cloudy water. My advice is to go with the largest pool, with the best equipment that you can afford.

Take very careful measurements of your yard before buying the pool. I installed pools for years and it always amazed me when I would go to do an install and the pool would not fit in the yard. Get a long tape measure and some marking spray paint. For a round pool, insert a screw driver through the opening in the end of the tape measure, and stick it in the ground. Use this as a center point and mark out the pool radius. For an 18' pool you would need a 9' radius. Now add two more feet to that making it an 11' radius. That is the least amount of space you would need to install an 18' pool.

For an oval pool mark it from end to end and then a few places going down the sides. You can mark out many different sizes or locations until you find the perfect size and shape for your yard. Painting it on the ground lets you visualize it better and also builds up the excitement of getting the pool.

When the perfect pool is decided upon you now have to decide whether you want to buy from a local store or an online company. A local store can offer a lot of benefits for a first time pool owner. If you already know all of the ins and outs an online purchase could save you a lot of money.

A local store can help with things like installation, equipment operation and water treatment. A good pool store can make all the difference in the world as to whether you enjoy your purchase or not. A good store will want you for a lifetime repeat customer and should take very good care of you.

Buying a pool online can be a good choice if you already know the brand of pool and the correct equipment to go with it. You will have to decide many things like resin or steel top rails, sand or cartridge filter and A-frame ladder or wedding cake steps. There are so many choices knowing what you want and need is important.

Installation is another consideration for happy pool ownership. It is very hard to clean and enjoy a poorly installed above ground pool. Do you have the patience and the manpower to do it yourself or will you need to find an installer? If you need an installer make sure he or she knows what they are doing. Do the local installers just work for one store or will they install any make and model of pool?

Water chemistry and proper filtration are the two most important parts of pool ownership. They will determine how much your enjoy your pool. Having a friend or neighbor with a pool that is always crystal clear and inviting is a great start. Pick their brain and take their advice. They are doing everything right if they can enjoy their pool every day all summer long.

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