How to Enjoy Your Swimming Pool Safely

by Pool Builders on 02-19-2011 in Articles

A swimming pool in the backyard can be a great source of pleasure for all the family. Providing you keep the water in good condition and use a pool cleaner, nothing will be more inviting as a means of cooling off on a hot day. It can also be a place of fun and great bonding between parents and children. But swimming pools, like any bodies of water, carry with them certain dangers. Follow our tips to limit these dangers and ensure that you and your friends and family enjoy your swimming pool safely.
Supervise young children
Young children are most at risk in swimming pools. It is important therefore that you are constantly vigilant. Whatever else you do, and whatever safety measures are in place, nothing is more important than keeping an eye on young children, so that you can prevent accidents before they happen, or in the worst case scenario react and be on the scene immediately. It only takes a second for a child to drown so you need to be on your guard and supervise them at all times.

Teach children to swim well
Make sure that your children are able to handle themselves competently and confidently in the water. This means teaching them to swim well. Swimming is a basic life skill anyway, so this really is no hardship. It is never too early to start teaching children to swim. In fact there are plenty of organisations that even offer professional lessons for young babies.
Make and enforce rules
Get everybody who uses your swimming pool used to acting responsibly by making and enforcing a clear set of rules. This might include things such as no running, no diving or no dunking. Whatever you decide it is important to be consistent and don't be afraid to make rules for adults as well as children.
Avoid excessive alcohol consumption
Excessive alcohol consumption diminishes your judgement as well as your motor skills. Both of these are vital if you are to stay safe in the pool. People who have had a few drinks are more likely to take risks and act irresponsibly, increasing the chances of dangers such as slipping and falling or even drowning. The safest thing to do is to treat swimming like driving and keep it separate from alcohol completely.

Keep your pool physically maintained
Keeping your pool and its surrounds well maintained is very important if it is to remain a safe environment. A bit of crumbling concrete or a loose tile might not seem like a big deal, but if someone slips as a result and bangs their head the consequences could be fatal. Don't take any chances; keep your pool physically maintained.
Maintain water quality
Poor water quality can lead to diseases developing and you and your guests falling ill. Using equipment such as a pool pump, filter and cleaner, as well as maintaining the balance of chemicals is vital to maintain the quality of water and keep your pool safe. It will also make your pool a much more pleasant place to be.

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