How to Find Apartments With a Pool in Hampton  

by Pool Builders on 10-08-2012 in Articles

It is not as difficult to find apartments with a pool in Hampton as it is in some other parts of Virginia. A pool located directly on the rental property is a popular feature. It provides a place to entertain, play and exercise. There are many different styles of pools attached to rental properties. The property managers also have very different ways of maintaining the area. When visiting apartments with a pool in Hampton it is important to look closely at some features in order to determine whether the pool will be a benefit and meet the tenant's needs.

Pools are used essentially for getting exercise or cooling down on a warm day. Pools may be used for lap swimming or water aerobics. Pools make a nice setting for those who like to entertain friends and family, as well as those who like to socialize with neighbors.


Different Hampton apartments enforce different rules for the residents. The same is true when dealing with pools. The rules might be clearly posted outside or they might be enumerated in the lease. Asking about the rules is important if the pool is a major factor for renting the apartment. Some Hampton apartments only allow current residents and their guests to use the facilities. There are also usually rules about music, hours of operation and toys for children.

Child Safety

Apartments with a pool in Hampton must adhere to some guidelines in order to keep residents safe. One of the most important is having some type of fence or barrier that will prevent unsupervised children from wandering into the area. The fence or barrier should be closely examined to make certain that it is going to be effective. The entry gate should have some type of mechanism in place that prevents it from being opened with just a push or by the wind. The actual fencing should be stable so that it does not fall over if someone were to push against it. Checking this feature when looking at Hampton apartments will help to keep children in the family safe.


One thing that a potential resident should look for is cleanliness. The water should look clean and should not smell of anything except chlorine. The inner floor and walls should be well-maintained, although it is very common to see some marks on the pool walls that might have occurred in the past. A good sign is if there are nearby pool supplies, like a net. This indicates that the staff frequently comes out and performs maintenance.

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