How to Find the Best Budget Gyms in London for You  

by Pool Builders on 03-04-2013 in Articles

Overwhelmed by the choice of budget gyms in London? Here's a user-friendly guide to choosing and using the best budget gym for you.

5 questions to ask yourself:

1.How much can you afford to pay?
Gym prices have plummeted in the last few years. Gym memberships can now cost from 12 ponds a month, depending on the type and location of venue you choose. If you can only afford the cheapest in London, and are happy with basic facilities take a look at FitSpace Gyms which charge 13.99 pounds a month. If you can afford up to 20 pounds a month also take a look at Gym London and Fitness First.

2.What sort of gym do you want?
Cut out all the expensive extras, forget about swimming pools and saunas, and use smart IT systems with less staff. Following these principles means a budget gym can offer incredibly low prices to their customers. Remember, they are only a bargain if you are happy with that sort of gym, but they are frequently good quality. Even the cheapest gyms may surprise you, most offering a good range of cardio and resistance machines, plus free weights area. If you really want a swimming pool then consider using a community leisure centre which may not have the glamour but often has a pool.

3.Is this gym convenient to use?

Remember - location location location. It's important to find a gym which is close to your home or workplace. If you are passing it most days you will be much more likely to use it. Even a budget gym will become expensive if you have to travel out of your way to use it.

4.Are there any hidden costs?

Be aware that many gyms charge extra fees, besides the monthly membership charge. For example, FitSpace charge a 29 pounds one-off admin fee, and many charge you for cancelling your membership. Look out for deals online or in branch which may save you the joining fee. It's worth phoning them to ask about any unadvertised membership offers.

5.Do I really need to join a gym?

Finally, remember that just because you want to get fit doesn't mean you have to join a gym. Thankfully there are new flexible ways to use gyms without committing to membership costs or paying hidden fees. Many budget gyms in London now offer customers the chance to buy pay as you go gym passes which can be used for single sessions, or even up to 3 months membership. It's a great way to try out a variety of gyms for short periods of time and only pay for the times you actually use the gym.

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