How to Find the Perfect Solar Pool Pump  

by Pool Builders on 05-18-2012 in Articles

Pool owners often want to move from a traditional electric pool pump to a solar pool pump because they are much cheaper to run, last longer and are environmentally friendly. There are many advantages associated with moving to a solar pump but it can sometimes be difficult to find the perfect one for your exact situation. Choosing the right pump is very important to ensure it can effectively move the water in the pool and supply sufficient water to things like slides or pool filters.

Anyone with a pool knows that having a powerful water pump is essential since this is what allows the filter to clean the water and the heater to get the water warmed up. These items are typically run during the day when the sun is beating down on the pool, so it really makes a lot of sense to get a solar pool pump to eliminate those expensive electric bills associated with running an electric pump.

Here are the main things to consider before buying.
1. Strength of the solar pool pump: When looking for a solar pump there are quite a few things to consider before making a final purchase. First, the size of the pool it will be used on is very important. The bigger the pool, the more water needs to be pumped each day to ensure all the water is properly heated and filtered. Each pump will be rated for a set number of gallons it can pump per day or per hour. Matching that number up with how strong of a pump a heater or filter requires makes choosing the right solar pool pump based on size much easier.

Another thing to consider before choosing a pump is what types of extras exist around and within the pool. Things like water slides, jets, fountains or waterfalls all require water to be pumped to them and this is important to consider before making any purchase. Most solar pool pumps can handle these types of additional energy drains, but when added to the requirements of the filter and heater there can be some concerns. Making sure to include these types of devices in any calculations can help ensure that you purchase the proper solar pump for your needs.

2. Battery option: Some solar pool pumps come with a battery as well, which can help by allowing the pump to run even when there is no sunlight. This is mostly useful for powering things like slides for night swimming but it could also be a great help when the pump needs to run on a day with very little sun. Choosing the right sized battery and pump will help make sure you have all the power necessary no matter what time of day or what level of sunlight outside.

Just about everyone will agree that a solar pump is a great way to save money while running the pump for just about any reason. There are many advantages associated with moving from an electric pump to a solar pool pump but it still takes some thought and research to make sure pool owners get the exact model they need.

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