How to Front Crawl Swim - It's Not Difficult to Learn

by Pool Builders on 06-10-2010 in Articles

Do you struggle with your front crawl swimming? Can you only manage a couple of lengths of a pool before you are out of breath and struggling to just keep afloat and make it to the end of the pool. Does it feel as if your swimming technique is doing you more harm than good, that your swimming style is employed just to keep you afloat rather than helping you going forwards through the water?

We would all like to swim better and maybe to swim like that person in the next lane with a smooth freestyle technique. It's an empowering and satisfying feeling as you glide through the water with a fast, smooth and powerful technique, swimming strong as you easily overtake slower swimmers struggling through their sessions and further understanding how to front crawl swim.

Further, the confidence you will gain as your swimming times per length reduce and with it the number of strokes you take on each length will undoubtedly spur you on to further improve you fitness and technique. And with those improvements in technique and the development of an improved front crawl stroke the combined benefits of swimming faster with less strokes will help you to look and feel good in the water.

Additionally, here are some of the benefits I have gained whilst I have learnt to front crawl. Initially I came from a non-swimming background and it is only when I started competing in triathlon 10 years ago that I started to use freestyle and understand it's technique. Surprisingly, once I started what always looked a difficult and exhausting stroke was in fact the complete opposite and hopefully you will find the same as you learn how to front crawl swim:

  • Low impact exercise reducing the risk of injury.
  • Longer swimming sessions leading to an improved level of fitness.
  • A complete upper body workout without using weights, get the swimmers body you've always wanted.
  • Learn how to swim faster utilising less effort.
  • Make swimming second nature to you.
  • Stop using a freestyle technique that does more harm than good.
  • Turn your struggling freestyle into a powerful and efficient swimming stroke.
  • To be able to participate in open water swimming events and/or triathlon.
  • To be able to swim confidently in open water.
  • Amaze your family and friends and get the respect you deserve from others now that you have learnt how to front crawl swim.
  • Have fun and enjoy swimming and training.

Achieving the above does not have to be a frustrating or difficult process and progress can be measured in days. Initially it may seem difficult and you would much rather carry on as you were, but with the correct mental attitude and discipline you will be able to learn the correct drills in the correct order. This in turn will help you to understand and put into practice the fundamentals of front crawl swimming such as body and leg position, relaxing in the water, developing breathing patterns, developing a good stroke and leg kick, and then applying these consistently during your routines until they become second nature.

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