How to Get Rid Of Algae in a Swimming Pool

by Pool Builders on 06-04-2013 in Articles

Swimming pools need to be maintained regularly. When you do not maintain the pool, it results in poor quality of water. This usually causes algae to form in the pool. If you see a discoloration in the pool, for instance, if you see the pool color going yellowish, green, pink or black it might be algae growth on your pool. It is usually caused by filtration and circulation problems, warm temperatures and low chlorine levels. Let us take a look at how to remove green algae from your custom concrete pool.

Method to remove the algae

In order to get rid of algae from your pool, you will need chlorine, algaecide, a brush to scrub the pool and a pool vacuum. First, you will need to use high levels of chlorine to shock your swimming pool. You will need to add ten times the recommended amount of chlorine to your pool. Pour the chlorine together into the deep part of the pool. You will see the water turning cloudy with a blue grey color.

Next, you need to start your filter and let the water circulate constantly. It is advisable to keep the water in circulation all the time for a week once you begin the treatment. The next thing you need to do is scrub all areas of the custom concrete pool including the sides, the steps and ladders, filter and the bottom of the pool as well. Use a swimming pool brush to do this. Once you are done scrubbing, vacuum the pool. Do not wait too long before you vacuum.

Once the pool is vacuumed and free from all the algae that you scrubbed from off the walls and filter add a commercial algaecide. The algaecide should be one that is specific to the color and strain of algae in your pool. Ensure you read the label for these details and understand the recommended dosage. In order to ensure that the algaecide disperses equally into the pool, pour equal portions of the algaecide into different parts of the pool. You might need to repeat this process a couple of times. The product label might contain other instructions.

Remember to keep the water in circulation all the time and scrub your custom concrete pool every day while the treatment is going on. The filter must also be cleaned every day. This is because each day, the filter sucks in a good quantity of the algae in the pool and you have to clean it to avoid the algae growth inside the filter.

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