How to Get Rid of Scale Deposits on Pools

by Pool Builders on 05-17-2011 in Articles

Swimming pool water chemistry should be correct in order to prevent any water problems such as chemical residues that include byproducts of the chemicals used on the pool water. Among these is the reaction caused by improper balancing of calcium on the pool water which leaves not only the water cloudy, it also leaves scale formation on the surface of the swimming pool.

Calcium is an essential element used on pool water in order to safeguard the good quality of the water and to prevent any water related problem. However, when used in wrong amounts, the level of calcium either low or high will affect not only the medical condition of the bathers but also the condition of the swimming pool. The standard and ideal range of calcium hardness should only be between 150 to 250 ppm on most pool waters although this would vary depending on the type of pool whether it is vinyl or masonry finished swimming pool.

When the level of calcium hardness reaches above the limit or more than 400 ppm, the result would be buildups of scale formations on your pool water. Most of these can clog the filtration system as these residues are reactions when there is too much calcium product on the water aside from what is needed.

In order to clean this mess on your water surface, you can use a pool vacuum cleaner to conveniently and quickly remove these formations on your pool. Remember that the treatment of the abnormality on the level of calcium hardness should be given importance as it can cause skin itching and eye-irritations on the bathers. Make sure that you vacuum everything as broken formations can block the filtration system and reduce its working capability. Skimmer nets with fine holes can also be used to scoop out some of the larger scale formation although this manual job can be exhausting as compared to using automatic cleaners such as the pool vacuum. However, if the job seems fruitless as the level of calcium hardness isn't addressed, you can stop cleaning the scale deposits and replace the water instead. This idea is used by most pool owners as it proves to be more convenient and effective than adjusting the calcium level of the pool water. In case the calcium scale deposits are caught on your pool tiles, muriatic acid solution is strongly suggested in order to remove the stain from the tiles. Make sure that you use a protective gear such as hand gloves when using muriatic acid on a sponge. Rub vigorously on the spots where there are scale buildups. In case this solution doesn't work that effective on the formation, use mineral treatment to get the job done. You can find many products in the market that are designed for this type of water problem.

Remember that these scale formations can ruin your pool equipments such as solar heater, filtration system, pipe lines, fittings, and many more. They can also destroy the beautiful view of your once visually appealing swimming pool water.

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