How to Get Rid of the Algae in Your Swimming Pool

by Pool Builders on 07-22-2013 in Articles

For a green pool, there are several chemicals you need. First, you need algaecide, shock, chlorine tablets, clarifier, and a floater if you don't have one. First depending on the severity of the green, you may need to add more algaecide than recommended on the bottle. Be aware that if you add too much, your hair may turn green. Now, since you can't see the bottom I recommend doubling the amount of algaecide the pool calls for. Algaecide is a copper based chemical. The copper is almost always active, and instantly kills algae. So, depending on the size of your pool we recommend adding the shock to the pool according to the directions on the shock bag. A little tip, if your pool is above ground I recommend mixing the shock into a bucket with water and allow it to dissolve before you pour the shock into the pool. After you've added the algaecide and shock, place the chlorine tablets into the floater. We recommend 3, 3 inch tablets or 6, 1 inch tablets. Finally, I recommend adding the required amount of clarifier to the pool.

What these chemicals will do is the following. Algaecide will kill the algae in your pool. The shock will raise the chlorine levels quickly, and activate any inactive chlorine in your pool water. The chlorine will help kill the algae and all the bacteria growing on the algae. The tablets will keep the chlorine level high. Lastly, the clarifier will help the dead algae and bacteria sink to the bottom of your pool so it can be vacuumed up later. So, every day for a week, I recommend running your pool pump for 2 to 4 hours a day to circulate the water and distribute the chemicals. Also, check your chemicals after each pump run. Make sure the chlorine is at least above a 2 on your chlorine scale. Now, if your pH is low which means the acid level is high I recommend adding pH increaser to your pool to bring it to neutral. If the pH level is high, then your acid level is low, and your base level is high. We recommend adding the recommended levels of pH increaser. In in ground pools you can add muriatic acid to increase the pH level. I recommend the powder pH increaser for above ground pools, and/or pools with liners. The reason is that even if the muriatic acid says it won't harm most liners, I prefer not to use it since it may weaken the liner over time.

To tell the algae is dead, it will sink to the bottom and the pool water will become clear. You'll need to vacuum the algae up with a vacuum system that will allow the algae to get trapped in your filter. If you use the little system that uses a bag and attaches to your garden hose, you'll only churn up the algae and cloud your pool. It may take more than once vacuum session to get all the dead algae out of the pool. Dead algae is very light and churns up very easily.

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