How to Get a Swimmer's Body - More Than Just Swimming?!

by Pool Builders on 06-30-2009 in Articles

A classic swimmers shape is often described as a V-shape back, broad shoulders, defined abdominals and an overall toned shape. How to get a swimmers body depends on how long you can spend working out.
Is it as simple as swimming a lot?
If you are under 10 and genetically gifted, maybe. Male professional swimmers will spend 4 - 6 hours a day in the pool plus do other dry land work with resistance (weights) and cardiovascular training. Their shape will have developed as their testosterone was pumping in their formative early teenage years.
How to get a swimmers body for everyone else!

Just swimming is NOT the best way to get a swimmers body!  Shape advancement depends on challenging the muscles with resistance to make them grow bigger. 
Using the right type of exercises you can increase muscle in key areas using resistance training (weights). Unless you are doing hours each day in the pool, you will only get limited muscle growth as you need to increase the resistance to further stimulate growth.
Swimming is a great form of cardiovascular exercise but it will only develop the pull muscles. This leads to injuries and the body becoming unbalanced. Professional swimmers will ensure they develop their push muscles with weight training. The best approach of how to get a swimmers body for everyone else is using weights as your primary means of increasing lean muscle through resistance training.
To reveal the muscle you must reduce the covering layer of subcutaneous fat. To get the perfect swimmers shape you should be aiming for no more than 12% body fat. Cardiovascular exercise like swimming or rowing will reduce the fat if combined with the right nutrition. Nutrition is also the key to accelerating muscle growth.

How to get a swimmers body is as simple as increasing muscle and reducing fat. But this must be taken a step further if you want the shape of an athletic swimmer as opposed to just being muscle bound. You must have a clear goal of what overall shape you are aiming for as it is the proportions of toned muscle that makes the attractive shape of The Swimmers Body.

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