How to Have an Above Ground Fence Added During Construction of Your Swimming Pool

by Pool Builders on 10-16-2008 in Articles

You can have more fun and relaxation when you add an above ground swimming pool in your home. Of course, this enjoyment and relaxation comes with a price. For safety, it is imperative that you have an above ground fence installed during swimming pool construction.

There are different kinds of fences to choose from. They are usually made from plastic resin or aluminum. The color that is most used for this is white. However, there are other colors that are available. It seems that most people choose white because it is considered neutral in regard to the appearance of your pool. It is not mandatory to use that color, but if you do, there is no problem in regard to cleaning it because of the material.

During swimming pool construction, you can have a pool builder install a fence for you. They already know to use the basic tools to get this built. Since they are experienced with this, it would only take them a few hours to have one erected. Make sure that they are wearing safety glasses while they're building it. In order for the fence to come out right, it's better and easier if two people work on it instead of one.

When the pool builder builds the fence, they have to make sure that the bracket used to mount and the post for the fence stay in place. Each section should be installed one at a time. They have to make sure that everything is even by using a leveling measure. Once this is in place, the other part of the above ground fence will be easier to assemble.

The builder will check the pool caps to make sure they are the correct height. They all have to be uniform when they are installed. If you have an oval pool, the caps will be various sizes. The pool builder will need to look at the skimmers and other items so that they will know how to figure this in as they install the fencing.

They should only cut a portion of the fence rail one at a time. Each part should be measured while installing fence posts. There may be a slight variance in the height of each post. The builder is also required to leave clearance of about an inch over the pool caps. This is for the winter caps.

After the swimming pool construction is finished, it should be durable enough to provide protection not only to you, but to your children and others that use the pool. Of course, you still have to be mindful of who is in the area when you are using the pool.

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