How to Have the Right Pool Alarm

by Pool Builders on 03-21-2010 in Articles

Swimming pools no matter how well or how nicely built can be dangerous wherever they may be located, especially when there are kids around. For pool owners who have kids, it is a must to prioritize their safety whenever they are around the swimming pool area. There are times when kids can escape our attention especially that it is impossible to stick our eyes on them like almost every second and every minute.

In order to prevent any form of accidents involving your swimming pool, it is a must to install a pool alarm in there. However, before heading out and rushing to buy one, you need to know the types of pool alarms first so that you will be sure you will buy what is best for your and your needs.

The subsurface alarm is the one that is most widely used today since it is more accurate and more reliable. It uses a float switch or a solar technology in order to determine any disturbances above the pool. But if you are on a tight budget but badly needs a pool alarm, then the surface alarm is the one for you, since it is sold at an affordable price and very easy to install.

There is also the so called perimeter alarm that can detect abnormalities within the perimeter of the pool area, and uses a laser to detect and sense any form of movements. Lastly, the personal immersion alarm that is intact with the kids themselves. The kids always carry this around with them because they wear this one as a bracelet or a necklace.

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