How to Host a Great Pool Party

by Pool Builders on 05-15-2011 in Articles

When you own a pool one of the best ways you can enjoy it is to share it with friends and family. Having a pool party is a great way to turn an ordinary party into a fun, casual get together, and it is especially good on a really hot day. In preparation give your pool a good clean, make sure you have a pool pump that works properly and tidy up the area around the pool.


Invite your guests a few days before. You will find that more people will be able to attend if they are given enough forewarning. Look up the predicted forecast for the next week to see if the weather is going to be fine. Remind your guests to bring their bathers and a towel, because depending on how many people you invite, you might not have enough towels for everyone. It can be handy to have a few spare pairs of bathers in case anyone forgets.


Plan your menu for the day a few days before and shop accordingly. It is best to go for light food, like salads, fruits and vegetables and dips, since your guests will be swimming. A barbecue is always good at a pool party, and it is quick and cheap and means that everyone can be outside enjoying the party, rather than having someone stuck inside cooking and slaving over a hot stove. Go easy on the alcohol, as water and alcohol don't mix, and if people are drinking much sure that guests don't drink too much.

Clean your pool

The day before clean your pool. Run the automated cleaner around the bottom and clear any leaves out of the filter. On the morning of the party go back out and clear out any more leaves that might have fallen in the pool overnight. If you need to get the chemical balance of your pool right it is best to add chemicals a week before so it is right to swim in by the time you have your party.


You will need to provide a room for guests to change into and out of their bathing suits, perhaps setting aside a room for males and one for females. It is a good idea to provide a big bottle of sunscreen and remind people to use it. Sunscreen is easily forgotten, particularly if you are distracted by other guests.


Set up your outdoor furniture and provide extra chairs. You might want to set up extra tables for the food. Usually it is easier when eating outdoors to let people help themselves to food. Guests don't mind eating with a plate on their knee if you don't have enough space around a table to be seated. Pool parties are a casual get together and there are never any formalities attached to the meal.


Music is all you need at a pool party. Don't have it playing too loud, you will find that people are happy with music just playing in the background as they will be more interested in their conversations. You also don't want to annoy your neighbours. If your party goes on into the evening you might want to turn the music up a bit. You can use your own stereo, just move the speakers outside so you can hear it properly.

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