How to Install a Pool Deck Drain  

by Pool Builders on 10-09-2011 in Articles

When you have a pool deck then you will know that having a drainage system in place that is going to keep your decking area free from water which is very important to have. This is not just something that you will need to know for safety and keep people from slipping on the water but it is also good improvement to your home should you ever want to sell it at a later date. It is important to install a pool deck drain if you have not got one, however this is not that difficult to install and will take a little under two hours to complete.

To install a pool deck drain you are going to need a few things such as;
1. Your drain cover
2. Your PVC angle and piping
3. Your pea gravel
4. And your equipment that will dig your trench a shovel or spade might be sufficient.

Firstly, you want to know where is going to be the best location for your drain pipes. The best place would be that you put these underneath the frost line especially if your area is prone to getting very cold weather and this will make sure that the patio pavers don't get affected badly when the cold weather sets in.
Now you want to look at your pool and find out where your water pools are; this is going to be the area in which your pool drain will be put. Try installing the drain very near to your deck because then there will not be a lot of cement work needed to be done.

Next, you will have to dig your trench; it will need to be big enough for your drainage system to flow through. Remember that you should have your trench leading away from your swimming pool.
As you are digging your trench, you want to be sure that you move the water out of the drain before you carry on. Remember to measure out the length of the trench that you are digging so that you will know how much of PVC piping you are going to need; remember to measure out a few times with your piping to see if you will have enough.

You need to have gravel put in before your PVC piping is installed, once you do this then you will be able to attach your drainage piping.

The last part will be to attach your drain cover; you will need an elbow angle right underneath your drain cover before you attach the drain. You will need to install the drain pipe now and if you see that you have some cement that needs to be filled in then do so now. Then your pool will be ready to use and enjoy

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