How to Install a Pool Heater?  

by Pool Builders on 04-03-2012 in Articles

Installing swimming pool heaters is a fascinating idea, but certain points must be considered to make it useable throughout the day and also to have extended swimming season.

The health benefits are significant and swimming in heated pools is of immense use to people suffering from muscular diseases and arthritis. Heated pools also prevent chilling and are useful for elderly and young children.

Such excellent heaters include Hayward, Pentair and Raypak heaters. However, installing a heater is a challenging project. You have many options for pool and this also includes solar energy and natural gas energy. Raypak heaters are the best heaters available in the industry. Conversely, shopping for in ground pool heater that offers best energy saving options and facilitates installing by you offers the right solution.

Things required

€ Pool vacuum
€ pH device for measuring
€ 1 inch PVC pipe pieces
€ Plumbing compound

Steps to installation of pool heater

€ Calculating the swimming pool surface area helps in assessing the pool heater size. Normally, a pool size 500 square feet needs a heater with energy of 120000 BTU.
€ The next step is to vacuum the pool water and this is done by using a vacuum hose. The pH of water should be checked as it needs to be balanced prior to proceeding with the process of installation. This is followed by cleaning the skimmer as well as the pool filter and making sure that all the debris that is visual is been removed before installing the pool heater.
€ Position the pool heaters on the pool level ground nearly two to five feet from the pool filter. Turn the filter off and then attach a 1 inch PVC pipe to the inlet valve from the return valve of the pool filter. This will divert the filtered water towards the heater.
€ Take another PVC pipe piece and attach it to the return valve from the outlet valve. This takes out the heated water to the pool. Now, secure pipes as well as the joints making use of a plumbing compound.
€ Turn the pool filter and check if it has any leaks showing in the now installed PVC piping and the outlet of the heater that takes the water back to the pool. When you find there are no leaks, it is time to set the desire level in the heater thermostat.
€ Ensure that you do not heat the water over 78 degrees is highly recommended.

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