How to Install a Swimming Pool Drain  

by Pool Builders on 10-13-2011 in Articles

Your swimming pool drain is usually found at your deepest point of your swimming pool, for your drain, this will become an outlet which takes the water from the pool and pass that through a filter in its system before it is allowed to flow back into your pool making it clean and safe to use. If you want to install a pool drain then follow these instructions to show you how to do this safely and without the need for a professional.

You are going to need;
1. Some PVC Pipes
2. Some Concrete
3. Your Drain
4. A Trowel
5. Your Pool Plaster
6. Your Anti Vortex Drain Cover
7. Your PVC Fittings

Find your deepest point of the swimming pool and dig a deep hole which will lead right into your filtering system. You will need to pour concrete into your drain which should be around a half bag full of concrete and make sure that this stays put and not shift in any way.
Now for your PVC drain pipe, you will have to lay that right out along the length of the drain, you will need to take your PVC coupling and attach one end to your filter system pipe. You will need to cover the coupling with a gasket and then the drain pipe can be attached to your filter pipe.

You need to go ahead and mix half a bag of your concrete and place that into the drain hole and make sure this will cover your PVC pipe. The concrete should be filled right to one inch from your pools surface but this will need the concrete to dry for a good few hours, maybe over night would be best.

You can move onto your pool plaster, mix this and then cover your drain hole right up to the surface of the pool. You will need to make sure that this is done professionally so use your trowel, to get a smooth finish. Try to make sure that you don't have any concrete into your PVC drain pipe so that you don't block it. Make sure that you attach your drain ring to the pipe when the plaster is drying off.
When it comes to installing your drain cover then you should know that this is going to be a very important factor to your swimming pool. With this cover then your drain will be good to help reduce the threat from pool drains because the suction from the pool pump which goes through the drain can pose a massive risk of drowning. Choosing an anti vortex drain cover could be the absolute best to go for because they will reduce the pressure intake from the drain and reduces the risk of accidents.

For drain covers, most of them will have one elbow joint which will be able to attach your cover from your drain pipe to the drain ring. You will have to install your drain cover once you have got the drain ring attached.

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