How to Keep Your Pool Cleaning Equipment in Good Shape   

by Pool Builders on 10-31-2010 in Articles

To keep your pool in tip top shape you need to use certain tools and equipment, but how do you know if your pool cleaning tools are all in good shape, and how do you keep them lasting longer? Investing in a good pool pump or filter is all very well, but you need to keep on top of its maintenance if you want it to not only last, but continue to work at maximum efficiency.

Many people have a shed or other area in which to keep their manual pool cleaning equipment. Things like leaf scoopers or your old-fashioned vacuuming poles need to be kept out of the sun and weather as they're often made of plastic that can become brittle if exposed to the elements. If you're still using these tools for pool cleaning it might be time to consider upgrading to an automated pool cleaner system. Not merely for ease of use, but for the fact that they will last longer.

If you have a pool cover but no roller, it's a good idea to consider getting one. Pool cover rollers are more than just a convenience, they store the pool cover in a way that keeps it from perishing. Pool cover rollers are easy to install and ensures that you get the best use out of your pool cover for years to come.

Automated pool cleaners will often come with a self-cleaning mechanism, saving you time and energy that could best be spent enjoying your pool. Although these time-saving devices are a worthy investment, you should still make it a habit of double-checking every now and then. Inspect your equipment regularly, especially if it's beginning to lag in its duties. A rogue leaf or other piece of foreign flotsam could potentially block your cleaner, and although this is unlikely it's a good idea to check.

Many pool cleaners will now come with the option of an add-on leaf eater, which can be a huge time-saver for pools with heavy leaf loads. These devices work like an extension to your pump hose, collecting anything that could potentially block your filter and keeping the way free for water to move through to the filter.

You pool pump works best when the water it takes in is free of large contaminants. Your pump's job is to keep the water clean and moving. Making sure every part of the process up until then is in good working order and you shouldn't have a problem.

The best way to maintain healthy and clean pool cleaning equipment and in turn a healthy, clean pool, is to ensure that every step in the pool cleaning process is in good working order. If your pool cleaner is on the blink, or even a basic little plastic filter is failing you, then your pump is going to be clogged up and possibly damaged long-term. Your different types of pool cleaning equipment work in harmony with each other, and so keeping one in good order is helping to keep the next in good order, and so on.

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