How to Keep Your Swimming Pool Cleaner Than Ever Before

by Pool Builders on 04-16-2010 in Articles

During the heat of the summer, there is nothing better than jumping into a cool swimming pool. Whether you're at the town pool or in the comfort of your own backyard, diving into a pool will surely give you a well-deserved reprieve from the hot summer sun. However, the last thing anybody wants is to hop into a pool only to find that the water is brown and the surface is covered in dirt and sand.

Properly maintaining a swimming pool will not only keep the water clean and safe, but will also enhance the overall aesthetic value of the area. There are numerous different chemicals and cleaning techniques that should be used to keep a pool sparkling. The following are the most basic pool maintenance tactics:

• Use a stabilized chlorine product to kill harmful bacteria that thrives in a pool's water. Chlorine is the most common water purification device, and although it leaves swimmers smelling like a natatorium, it is a critical element in the cleaning of pools.
• Shock, used to eliminate algae, should be used about twice a month. Shock usually comes in tablet or powder form and it placed in a pool's filter system. Shock is the primary tool that is used to clarify cloudy pool water.
• Check the pH level's of the water. Ideally, the pH balance of a pool should be between 7.2 and 7.7. A pH level below this range means that the water is too acidic and is extremely harmful to swimmers, while a pH level above the range will make the water cloudy and leave swimmers with itchy skin. Consult a pool technician to find the specific swimming pool cleaner products that should be used to restore the proper pH levels.

• When the pool is not in use, allow an automatic vacuum to continuously sweep the floors and walls.
These are merely a few of the many ways to make your swimming pool cleaner, and although many homeowners will hire specialists to maintain their pools, it is truly a job that can be done by anyone with a few extra hours a week to spare.

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