How to Landscape Around Your Swimming Pool?  

by Pool Builders on 07-10-2012 in Articles

When considering landscaping around swimming pools, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. The first being the location of your pool in proximity to your house and other out buildings, along with whether your swimming pool is above ground or underground. All of these factors will make a difference in the landscaping around your pool.
For anyone that has an underground pool, the look will begin with laying some form of patio block or paver brick around it. There is a large variety of styles and colours to choose from which ensures that you will find something that appeals to your taste and the look you are trying to achieve.
The next piece of landscaping will be any trees, shrubs, flowers, and plants you will have to add colour, beauty, and even privacy to your pool area. If your pool is close to your house, you will not need to add larger shrubs along the house side for privacy, since the view of your pool is hidden by the house. You will want to consider adding a line of shrubs along the other side which will give you privacy from any overlooking neighbours or roads.
Planting a line of Evergreen trees is another great way to get the privacy that you are looking for along with adding some shade. The great thing about using Evergreen trees for shade over other trees is that you will not need to worry about the amount of leaves that could end up in your pool in the fall.
In order to add some beauty and colour to your pool area, you may consider having some flower planters built within the pool area. They would work nicely and blend in naturally if you have a wall or a set of steps near the pool area. Potted plants also help to add beauty. The advantage of using potted plants is how easily they can be moved from one spot to another.
Above ground swimming pools can be a little more challenging to add landscaping around due to their distance from the ground. Adding a deck around the pool will give you a place to lounge by the pool and will also give you some space to add potted plants and flowers. You could also use the railings of the deck in order to attach some planters to plant flowers or small plants in.
Your choice for shrubs or trees is a bit more limited when thinking about landscaping an above ground pool. Although you can use a wider selection of trees in order to give you privacy, you will need to ensure that it is a shorter type of tree so the branches will give you the privacy you want and look great too.
When making the decisions about this you must think about how you are using your pool and who is using your pool and then privacy, safety or space becomes more important depending. You might want to add an outdoor barbeque nearby with a area to host parties and eat or just have an area to lounge and relax.
There are many options for someone looking to enhance their pool with the perfect surrounding to suit you perfectly.

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